Sunday, 24 February 2013

Enhancing Productivity: Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

If you are anything like me, your computer or laptop will act as your vital lifesource when it comes to work, studying, and everything in-between. While I love my laptop, it does come under a lot of abuse from me. This means that it slows down from time-to-time, which can be incredibly frustrating. I tend to chow through laptops at a ridiculous speed, and that is something that needs to stop. Not only is it bad for my bank account, it is also bad for the environment.

Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

  1. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways you can speed up your computer. Back in December, I turned my automatic updates off while on a trip to London so that my mobile broadband data would not be swallowed by them. I completely forgot about this, only to find that there are 35 important updates outstanding. Oops. Check to make sure your PC is not suffering from the same neglect.
  2. As somebody who periodically convinces herself that various programs are necessary, I am hoarding a bunch of unnecessary software. Uninstalling some of these programs and updating my Java has done wonders.
  3. As an Internet addict, I have built-up an array of temporary files. Using Ccleaner I have been able to declog my laptop.
  4. My anti-virus program expired a while ago, and I completely forgot to update it (yes, I am a bad laptop owner). I have since downloaded a free Windows anti virus software, and I have run Malware Bytes for good measure.
  5. Upon starting up, I am now ending tasks that I do not need to be running. One of these was Evernote, which I find useful, but the constant syncing holds me back.
Really, I should not be trying to speed my computer up when things are just ticking over slower than I would like. Microsoft recommends weekly maintenance, which is something I need to adhere to. Checking for disc errors on a frequent basis will also be in my best interests, as will deleting pointless files I do not need. I am determined to make this laptop last as long as possible, even if it kills me.

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